March of the Penguins

March of the Penguins

Imagine walking 70 miles through extreme cold weather, snow in your face and not eat for 3 or 4 months once you arrive at your destination… That’s what this movie is about. The Emperor Penguins do this every year to get to their brooding place. And this movie is impressive to say the least. It’s a wonderful documentary, narrated by Morgan Freeman, who does a great job. There are very comical moments in the movie, like 2 penguins diving into a tiny hole in the ice at the same time, and very sad moments, like when a couple looses their egg, or when one of the chicks dies. Definately a must see for everybody who cares even remotely for these curious animals.

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Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Girl Poster
Saw Million dollar baby this weekend and it is indeed a Masterpiece ! Excellent performances by Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank, who (in the movie ;)) develop a father – daughter relationship. Also the interaction and dialogue between Morgan Freeman and Eastwood is wonderful. One of the best movies I saw lately and deserves every credit it gets, it even scores 8.4 on IMDB. Plenty of links to reviews on the page at Rotten Tomatoes:

Million Dollar Baby at Rottentomatoes


Watched this movie this week, thought it was really good and at least different from much of the Hollywood stuff that gets released. Especially liked the excellent acting performance by Paul Giamatti. Reminds me of the great job he did in American Splendor. I linked to the review at MovieGazette, which describes the movie pretty good.

The Terminal

The Terminal
This week I watched this movie, and thought it was very nice. It’s about an immigrant who gets stranded at JFK, because there is a civil war going on in his home country and he can’t get a new valid passport. Just like in Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks plays a very easy to like character. From the first scenes on, you love the guy and you only wish him the best ;). Though he acts a little ‘too stupid’ at first, but I guess we just have to assume that’s because he doesn’t understand the language, and has no clue what is going on. Needless to say Catherina Zeta Jones looks lovely and the support cast is really good too, like Chi McBride (Boston Public). Like all ‘feel good’ movies this one ends happily though with a twist. It even gets a 7.0 at IMDB. Go and rent/ buy it if you can.

Reel Reviews

Ever since I got a U2 special edition Ipod in december, I have been checking out various podcasts and was seriously questioning what all the hoopla was about. I do like the slashdot podcast, but it’s not much different than browsing the slashdot site. The Reel Review podcast really adds to the site’s content. It’s like a really good radio show, though with one big difference, YOU decide when you want to listen to it. It features reviews of classic (and not so classic) movies. So in case you’re interested in that kinda thing make sure to check it. The new edition has a review on Wim Wender’s Paris Texas, which made me want to order the DVD right away ;). Shows you how much love for movies goes into this podcast. Really looking forward to the Apocalypse Now cinephile series.

Finding Neverland

Neverland Movie Poster

When I noticed that this movie was available, being a big Johnny Depp fan, I had to get it right away. Already read some good reviews and it’s rated a whopping 8.3 at IMDB ! And I must say, even though the expectations were high it certainly didn’t disappoint me. Depp does a very fine acting job, even uses a mild, though believable scottish accent. Kate Winslet is fine as well, and even Dustin Hoffman has a small part.

The movie is about the author of Peter Pan, around the time he wrote that play. His previous play had flopped and his marriage was going bad. Then he met the widow (Winslet) in the park with her children. They become closer and closer, and being a big kid himself (I am sure just about every man has heard that at least once in his life) he gets along very well with the children. I won’t tell you the rest, just watch it for yourself, but it’s not all happy (luckily). The 25 empty seats was a very nice touch, it certainly surprised me :). Go and see it when you can. One of the best ones of 2004. And it’ll definately be one of the best DVD releases of 2005.

Here is a fine review of this movie.