Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Girl Poster
Saw Million dollar baby this weekend and it is indeed a Masterpiece ! Excellent performances by Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank, who (in the movie ;)) develop a father – daughter relationship. Also the interaction and dialogue between Morgan Freeman and Eastwood is wonderful. One of the best movies I saw lately and deserves every credit it gets, it even scores 8.4 on IMDB. Plenty of links to reviews on the page at Rotten Tomatoes:

Million Dollar Baby at Rottentomatoes


Watched this movie this week, thought it was really good and at least different from much of the Hollywood stuff that gets released. Especially liked the excellent acting performance by Paul Giamatti. Reminds me of the great job he did in American Splendor. I linked to the review at MovieGazette, which describes the movie pretty good.

Dead at Etree

Listening to the new JGB releases (see previous post) renewed my interested in the Grateful Dead. It was quite a while since I listened to a few complete shows, but I did so over the weekend. Got some very nice stuff from Especially check out the ‘Charlie Miller’ seeds, they’re excellent ! There’s also a wealth of shows available at, in lossless and mp3 format, ready for use on your Ipod ;).