WordPress 2.5

WordPress 2.5 has been released ! I upgraded my blogs to 2.5 and it seems to work fine. The admin part of wordpress has been overhauled, and the dashboard is now actually more useful. Although it takes some getting used to. The 4 most important functions (write, manage, design, comments) are more prominent and are displayed on the left, settings and plugings, users are on the right in a smaller font on the right. Only thing I dont like is the new write post page, the category selection is now below the write area, don’t really see why that was changed, though it’s not a big deal. At least it looks better.

I also think that wordpress 2.5 feels somewhat snappier, when loading pages etc. and on one blog (my warcraft one) a php out of memory that sometimes occured, has disappeared, so that’s good ;).

All in all a very nice upgrade I think. If you haven’t done so you might want to consider upgrading your wordpress installation as well !


Comparison between 2.3 and 2.5

Lost 4×08 – Meet Kevin Johnson

This week’s episode was a Michael centric one, which was to be expected after the big ‘reveal’ last week. Apparently after somehow getting back to New York City Michael was unable to cope with his guild of killing two women. This has also affected Walt, he doesn’t want to talk to Micheal anymore and is now living with his grandma. Michael wants to kill himself but the Island won’t let him (did the gun just jam or did the bullet bounce off your skull ?).

Then in a stereotypical dark New York ally he meets Tom ! Tom is one of the Others who can go off the island from time to time, he doesn’t do it often so when he does he likes to indulge himself :). He shows Michael all the proof that Widmore is indeed behind the fake flight 815 on the bottom of the ocean, so it seems the captain of the freighter is indeed not to be trusted.


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Lost 4×07 – Ji Yeon

This week we got an episode with a major twist. And I must admit it left me confused at first until I realised in the end, the writers very cleverly mixed a flashback with a flash-forward. The biggest giveaway in hindsight was the telephone that was an older model, and was emphasised by Jin smashing it to pieces. I already thought it was very odd that Jin was so obsessed by the Panda bear, while his wife was in the hospital.

Sun at the beach

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Brett Favre

He announced his retirement this week. He was always a joy to watch, I ofcourse especially remember the superbowls where he brought the Packers the championship in 96/97. Can hardly believe it’s been that long.

A very emotional speech. I think it’s nice that he quits now, instead of keeping on playing too long and becoming a shade of his former self. Must be very weird to not play, after it’s been your life for so long …

Some impressive stats as well (from wikipedia) :

Favre is the only three-time AP MVP (1995-97) in NFL history and has led the Packers to two Super Bowls: a victory against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI and a loss to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXII. Favre played 17 seasons in the NFL and started every game for the Packers since his first start in 1992 through his retirement in 2008.

Lost 4×05 – The Constant

Mindblowing ! That’s how I’d like to describe this episode.

Dan tells Jack and Julliet : “Your perception of how long your friends have been gone, is not nescesarily how long they actually have been gone.” He then tells Jack there might be side effects (which could have also been the title of this episode) if they either didn’t maintain the correct heading, or as it turns out later, one of the passengers has been exposed to a lot of radiation or electromagnetism lately.

So that’s what happened to Desmond when they got back to the freighter. The helicopter passed a ‘thunderhead’ as Sayid called it, and Desmond entered a weird Time Warp and lived in 1996 again. The part played by Henry Ian Cusick was acted so great ! You could feel the despair and confusion coming off the screen.


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