Star Wars Galaxies

Looks like SOE effectively destroyed the game, especially by releasing these New Game Enhancements (TM) in a VERY bugged state. It’s not even an early Beta. If you want to see the soap opera unfold, check out the SWG forums, where even John Smedley, SOE president now has come in to do some damage control. Guilds are leaving for Wow, galaxy threads are filled with Goodbye threads, I seriously doubt they can reverse the damage.

Enough on this subject now, I am currently checking out Eve on line and City of Villains. Eve looks very complicated, so it might be fun. Battlefields II is keeping me busy as well, although I suck at it :).

Sony Online Entertainment – Bad Business Practise

Update: Soe is now offering a refund, probably due to the massive complaints they received and/or to avoid bad presss.

I played SWG for a few months on the European Infinity server. Especially in the 1st 2 months or so, I had a lot of fun. (Thanks to OneHungLow, Cara, Azul, Skevans, Cami, Zaknafein and others I might have forgotten). But the constant changing of the game, horrible lag and especially the huge bugs, made me quit and pick up WoW and now City of Villains. Also their price of $30,- for yet another expansion (trials of Obi Wan) with little content pissed me off. But I still read the forums and listen to the Galaxy Report podcast to see what’s up.

Much to my surprise, there was a LOT up on the forums today when I checked them out, read about the new combat upgrade (though they call it new and exciting changes this time around) :

Star War Galaxies revamp announced, ONE DAY after expension goes live. SOE deceived their customers into buying a $30,- expansion, knowing most of the stuff you can get in that expansion will be useless once this revamp goes live on Nov. 15th.

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