WoW – The Burning Crusade

Finally the news is out, the rumours turned out to be true, there will be a World of warcraft expansion called the Burning Crusade. Read all about it on Gamespot and the Blizzard site. Most interesting things are the max level will be raised to 70 and the Horde will get a new race, the blood elves. Those newbie grounds will be very crowded once this expansion will come out :). Definately am looking forward to this one, but it’ll probably be a while before it’s released.

Burning Legion screenshot (Gamespy)

More screenshots at gamespy.

Civilization 4

Civ4 Logo
Ever since the early I’ve been playing Sid Meier’s excellent Civilization series. Civ 3 didnt really do it for me, but the now released Civilization 4 really plays even better than Civ2 :). Games take quite a while so I’ve only been playing 2 games at the lower difficulty levels, but it’s been a lot of fun. Sid himself appeared on the Kojo Namdi show of WAMU 88.5 (American University Radio) . The link has an hour long program where Sid talks about the new game and recent trends in the gaming industry. Also read the excellent review at gamespot.

Also check out the CivFanatics website and forum for great strategy tips and chitchat on civilization.

Concept Art Navy Seal