Perhaps a nightmare

My friend John Fink has released a cd named ‘perhaps a nightmare’. He has been a musician for a long time, and has made several scores for documentary movies, and now released his first solo album. The music is very much like a movie score, you can now envision the scenes he describes with his music in your own mind :).

All proceeds of the cd will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund. John’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Luckily she’s doing a lot better now after chemo and radiation therapy.

You can get the cd from cdbaby or John’s site.
The Finksterproductions Website – More info on John Fink and his art/music.


A sad day indeed. I was staying with a friend in NJ at the time, and I was shaving in the bathroom listening to Imus on the radio when a report came at 8:45, that a plane has crashed into one of the towers. The thought at the time was that it was an accident and a smaller plane. But then at 9:00 the second one hit, and my friend came out yelling ‘planes have crashed into the WTC !!!’. We watched CNN for the entire day almost, got out to get Dylan’s new cd, that was released at that exact day, just to get away for a bit.

Twin Towers

The guys from Tales of Heroes, a Company of Heroes RTS game podcast, have started a new gaming website at The video quality of the Company of Heroes replays (accompanied by witty commentary) has been greatly enhanced, but you have to use the website’s player now to view the video as opposed to downloading it off the website like it was before. The site’s player is fine though and I haven’t had any trouble with it, but it doesn’t seem to work for some people.

The latest video that Bridger put up is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s a very exciting match between 2 teams of 2 players called Down to the Wire.

One that was released a few weeks ago, was also an instant classic, check out Hans the Sniper.

All of this should keep you busy while waiting for the Opposing Fronts addon for Company of Heroes :).