Lost Withdrawal

If you’re like me suffering from Lost Withdrawal (the next episode is about a month away) you might want to check out the The Transmission, a Lost podcast. This week they did an excellent one, where all sorts of lost theories (some a tad farfatched but nevertheless interesting) get discussed. Ofcourse you can also check out the older episodes where the individual shows get discussed. Furthermore it’s really way done, it’s a lot of fun to listen to Ryan and Jenn. It sure made me more aware of all the details and background that is in this show. Easily the best one on TV at the moment ;).

Dead at Archive.Org

Earlier this week, Grateful Dead’s management asked Archive.org to stop making the Grateful Dead shows they have, available for download. The Dead have always been kind to tapers, having tapers section for audience recording at their shows and encouraging tape trading amongst their fans. So this came as a big surprise, and resulted in an outcry amongst fans. Apparently a compromise has been reached and the audience recordings will be back at archive.org. There is a statement now at their site. Another nice article at the NY times site that sums up the events. David Gans is making some interesting comments on his blog.

Phil Lesh responded on his site with this statement:
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