Lost – The Lighthouse

A nice Jack – Hurley & Claire centric episode this week ! Weirdest thing of this episode was the sideflash in which Jack now has a son David, who can play the piano very well. I am not quite sure how this fits or is relevant to the whole story to be honest, but it was intriguing. Also Jack not remembering when his appendix was taken out, was odd.


Jack broke your lighthouse dude, mission unaccomplished !

– Hurley

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Lost – The Candidate

Now this is why we watch Lost ! A very intriguing episode that even provided us with some answers and it’s becoming clear a big clash is coming. Jacob is the protector of the island and he recruits people that he thinks has potential. He then assigns them a number (he likes numbers apparently) and brings them over to the island. All man in locke wants to do, is escape from the island and finally be free.


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The Office – Manager and Salesman

Every since the excellent wedding episode this show has been going down hill a bit. It’s still ok, but not as great as last season or season 2 and 3. It has a ‘been there done that’ feel to it.

But this one showed that there is still hope ! Jim is back to being a regular salesman, making fun of Dwight. I am hoping the Sabre CEO will leave soon, and Michael is back to being manager again. They could have done some more funny stuff with Michael as a salesman, but they didn’t. I guess Dwight and Ryan’s plan to take down Jim won’t be nescessary any more, so that storyline can end as well.


The Erin and Andy storyline needs to move on soon though. The situations they get in, are funny and one of the best of the show at the moment, but at some point they need to realise that they like each other. Not quite sure what’s supposed to happen then, as we have already seen one office romance in The Office.

Let’s hope they can keep this up and this show will keep on being funny instead of just slowly fading away.

House – 5 to 9

A remarkable episode of House this week ! Like the Wilson episode, House isn’t the main point of view, but we got a day in the life of Lisa Cuddy. It made for a nice change of pace. And it showed that there is still plenty that can be done with the series, once they divert from the regular formula.

Only thing that sort of spoiled it for me is Lucas, the doofus boyfriend. First of all I don’t like the character at all, and second, I don’t see why Cuddy would hook up with someone like that. And why would House join him on a stake-out ? But the episode was enjoyable anyway.


What it did show though, House’s antics bring some humor and comedy to Cuddy’s very busy day. He isn’t just a nuisance, although she pretends he is, but I think she really likes the break from all the regular business stuff she has to do.

The last 2 minutes of the show were a bit over the top. Everything fell into place, nothing went wrong, all was well… If only real life was like that !


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Lost – 6×03 What Kate Does

A Kate centric episode this time. Ironically enough, the parts without her were the most interesting ones. I really liked the scenes with Jack and the Japanese dude.

The scene with Sawyer on the docks lamenting the loss of Juliet was nice. Other than that the scenes with Kate only had me wishing they’d show Locke, Jacob or some of the other more interesting mysterious characters. Ethan as delivery doctor for Claire’s baby was interesting though. He even knew the boy’s name already :).


Dogan, Japanese dude, was brought to the island. What exactly that means is not further explained as ‘we know what he means’. The medicine for Sayid turns out to be poison. Sayid is apparently possessed as a lot of Lost followers already thought. Once ‘the darkness’ (which made me think of the Smoke Monster) reaches his heart, he won’t be the same person again. I assume this is the disease that Rousseau was talking about, when we saw how she got onto the island. And we now know more about what happened to Claire. She got ‘claimed’ as well. She makes a surprise reappearance at the end !


All in all a not so engaging episode. Especially regarding the fact that there is only about 14 left ? Would have loved to see more Locke who really shined in the premiere…

Lost – LA X part one and two

This blog post contains just some thoughts and questions after the first viewing. So many things happened in this long first episode of the final season, it’ll take a second viewing to get a better grasp on what’s going on !

LAX timeline

As it now seems, the a-bomb did explode ? Juliette claimed it did. It did something, we now have an alternative, or a what if the plane didn’t crash timeline. I wasn’t too keen on this at first to be honest. But it seems to be very well done. Also at first glance nothing weird appears to be going on, but Desmond was a weird appearance and he also vanished into thin air ? Charlie swallowing his drugs was odd. In his flashback way back, he seemed to flush his drugs ? And Jack’s fathers body disappearing is of course quite weird too. I really liked the Locke / Jack scene. Locke seemed to be more at peace, did he, or did he not go on the walkabout ? And there is now a link to Jack in this reality. Will Jack operate on Locke ?


The Monster

A lot of weird stuff happens on the beach, with dead Locke’s body on the beach. I really liked the little scene with Ben and the Monster (no need to start calling names !).

He was weak, and pathetic and irreparably broken. But despite all that there was something admirable about him. He was the only one of them who didn’t want to leave. The only one who realized how pitiful the life he’d leave behind actually was.

– The Monster on John Locke

I want to go home ! is the monster’s theme. He apparently did have some unresolved issues with Richard (Oh it’s you), as he promptly knocks him out when they meet again. Then drags him on his shoulders and they depart the beach. Why was he very disappointed though ? Because they choose Jacob’s side ?

The Others

Sawyer is very angry (and understandably so) as Juliette dies. We finally get to see the group that had the children we saw in season 2 or thereabouts ? A Japanese person and a hippie like guy are running the show here. They seem to be very interested in Hurley. At least we finally know what is in the guitar case.

Resurrecting Sayid was really odd. For some reason the ritual has to run as long as the hourglass dictates. He appears to be dead but then wakes up later. I immediately thought, is that Jacob somehow coming back to life ?


The others are getting ready for the attack by ‘them’ as Richard and the other people at the beach notice the flare in the sky…


As usual a lot of questions ;). I am sure not all will be answered, they’ll leave us hanging on some issues. But somehow the timelines will merge at a certain point and some sort of epic finale will come. Or maybe not ! A very enjoyable start of season six though.

One final thing: Terry O’Quinn did a wonderful job, playing angry guy in Locke’s body and the Locke guy on the plane.


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