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Pirated TV shows are very popular in Sweden

The report also said that Swedish youngsters and adults watch over an hour of pirated TV every week with Prison Break being the most popular show. 35 percent of the people who watched an episode of Prison Break in the last month indicated that they did not watch it on TV but rather on their computers after downloading the episodes via P2P.

Especially this quote is very true:

The main reason was the fact that people like the liberty to watch a show whenever they please and without commercials. Another prominent reason was many downloaders did not like the delay between a US showing and the Swedish showing. They would rather download it hours after the US showing then wait days for it to be shown on Swedish TV.

Article on and Torrentfreak.

CSS Tips

Some handy tips on writing good CSS can be found at 456 Berea St. which is actually a response to Jonathan Snook’s blog post: Top Tips for CSS. The 456 Berea blog is definitely worth a subscription in your favorite feed catcher by the way, it’s got some nice content !