Lost 5×07 – The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham


A Locke centric episode, about the time Locke spend off the island, trying to convince the Oceanic Six to return. I was very much looking forward to this one, as I think Locke is the most interesting character on the show, very well acted out by Terry O’Quinn. And I wasn’t disappointed ! Though it was different from what I expected, it was a great story. Not much to say here, the story was pretty self explanatory.

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Lost 5×06 – 316

316 was for me the first disappointing episode this season. And not because the episode wasn’t enjoyable or had bad acting etc. But because the whole ‘to get back to the island we have to recreate the circumstances like they were they first time you got there’ – deal. It all was too much hocus pocus.

And I thought Dan’s mother would have had some sort of impact on the story, or reveal something big but unfortunately the whole scene in the pendulum room fell rather flat. And what was the deal with Desmond ? He only came in to tell her to say that her son needed help. Yeah ok we’re on it.


Even a so-so episode has it’s moments though. Jack’s scene where he was alone in the room with Locke in his coffin was wonderful. Also there were some funny moments, especially Ben was great. “How can you read ?” – “My momma taught me”. And ofcourse Frank Lapidas’ line “We’re not going to Guam, are we ?”.

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Lost 5×05 – This place is death

This place is death was yet another fine episode, though it seemed to be more focused on explaining things and moving the story along, than the emotional drama we got in earlier episodes. Of course Charlotte dieing was sad, I wonder how this will effect Daniel.

lost-5x05a lost-5x05b

In ‘this place was death’ we get to know more on Jin and the Rousseau-gang history. It was nice to get a bit more info on that. They were attacked by the Smoke monster early on when they got onto the island. One of them was killed right away. It’s strange how the smoke monster picks his victims, it would be nice if we would find out later on. It seems that people change once they get dragged down Smokey’s hole, and they are revealed things about the island. Robert knew about Smokey being a security system for the temple. Rousseau seems to be certain that the others are all diseased and kills them. And almost shot Jin in the process. Nice to see Robert’s gun failing, the island didn’t let him shoot her.

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Lost 5×04 – The Little Prince

A very decent episode this time, but not as good as the previous three, but that was a hard act to follow. Here are some thoughts and observations.

What a lot of people expected turned out to be true, Ben was behind the lawyer that was sent after Kate, so she would start to run. Ben overall did do a good job of getting everybody together after all. Though Jin’s role might not have been what he expected. I assume she is getting ready to kill Ben, but knowing Ben he has a few more tricks up his sleeve. The whole Hurley situation was resolved by Ben’s lawyer (who is that ?) rather easily, and I thought that was a bit too convenient. He looks great in orange, by the way.


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Lost 5×03 – Jughead – 1954

It’s going to sound cheesy but this was yet another amazing Lost episode. It didn’t quite have the shock effect and emotions that The Constant has, but it revealed quite a few facts about the Island and Lost.


Just some thoughts and observations:

Penny and Desmond have a son called Charlie. We see him being born at the start of the episode. Will there be something special about the boy ? All in all Penny doesn’t seem to be too happy about Desmond and him wanting to return to the island. Widmore’s vague warning to stay hidden is interesting. He knows what Ben is capable of, but doesn’t mention any specifics.

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