Steam hardware survey

The past week Steam asked whether it could upload my hardware specs for the hardware survey. Afterwards you can check out the results on the hardware survey page.

So it seems the ‘average’ PC has 6 cores, a 3060 and runs Windows 10. The cpus vary quite a bit but it seems that there are a lot of people running games / steam on a relatively older PC. That is probably why they’re still running Windows 10. I don’t see why else you would still run Windows 10, since 11 works for me pretty well on several PCs.

It is however easy to get caught in a bubble, where you regularly frequent hardware forums and or reddit where people run the latest hardware to think that most people do that. It seems the average person just buys a PC every 5 years or so and keeps that running, maybe upgrading the video card and that’s it.

About 1/3 vs 2/3 amd vs intel, which is nice. I am glad Intel doesn’t have a monopoly here.

I also would have expected more people running 1440p, but it’s only 14%. Most people still game at 1080p as you can see below.

All in all an interesting page to look at.