A few days back I posted about colibri being a quicksilver ‘replacement’ for Windows Xp. After listening to one of the podcast episodes of Scott Hanselman (at I checked out AppRocket and decided to register it today. It’s only $18,- !

It’s well worth it. You can add directories that you want to be indexed, like your podcast directory (it will show extended info on mp3s if you want), tools directory etc. It sits happily on the top of your screen, and you activate it by hitting your hotkey, like alt+space. You can also perform fast web searches on wikipedia, google or amazon. Their website has some nice screencasts where you can check out how things work.

AppRocket Homepage:

Get it from CNET!

Google banning windows live writer

Nice extensive article on Primordial Blog found through the channel9 forums. If this is true, it’s rather sad :(. And I wonder what they gain if they were doing stuff like this. It also makes you wonder what else they might be blocking out !

ps. this is my first post using windows live writer :).

Scoble is going to check it out 😉

Follow up on Scoble’s site and another blog post at Matt Cutts’ blog.

Quicksilver on windows

Colibri Logo
One of the things you really miss, once you have also used a mac, on windows is Quicksilver. It’s a program that lets you start programs and open documents incredibly fast. Just hit ctrl-space, type a few letters and usually the right program boots up. This would be especially handy on windows, when you’re like me and install and try a lot of programs and your startup menu is totally cluttered and you cant find anything anymore ;).

Looks like Colibri does about the same thing, just recently started using it and seems to work fine, this blog post mentions some more programs that I am definately going to try.

Colibri can be found at



Originally uploaded by Morphisat.

Went for a stroll today in between the rain showers and took some pretty good pictures. Unfortunetely I had been fooling around with the settings and apparently had enabled the ‘date tag’. Why there is even such a stupid option I dont know, but now these photos have the date embedded in them :(. Oh well, you learn something everyday ;).

There are also more photos on

Mrs Peepers

Mrs Peepers

Originally uploaded by Morphisat.

One of my first good pictures using my new camera :). Mrs Peepers is curious what I am up to and takes a good long look in the lens !

Have to to a lot of practising, since it’s not so easy to get the focus stuff right. But I am sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Grateful Dead’s Legacy in good hands

The remaining members of The Grateful Dead have finally made a deal licensing their entire (and huge I might add) vault and all rights of merchandise etc to Rhino. I hope we can look forward to some interesting stuff being released on line soon. There is a great article explaining the deal at Marin Independent Journal.

A 10-year licensing deal entrusts Rhino with the management of all of the band’s intellectual property, including its vast archive of unreleased live concert recordings, its official Web site (deadnet), the marketing and merchandising of T-shirts and other clothing and gear with the Grateful Dead brand, logo and likeness, plus videos, CDs and the all-important digital domain – sales of the band’s music via download over the Internet.


While it’s still legal ;), there is a nice compilation of ‘Jerry Ballads’ posted on Highly recommended ! I converted them to mp3 to play on my iPod to listen to on my way to work and it brightened up my day ;).

Spam driving me nuts

It seems one intelligent spammer has found a very clever way to circumvent my filters (and I have quite a few of ’em) and get his insane message to ***ALL STOCKBROKERS AND INVESTORS*** through :(. Think I already received a few thousand of these (I have a quite few email addresses and one is a domain box that gets A LOT of spam). Extremely annoying. Misery Loves Company though :).