Podcast Priest

Everybody’s favorite priest, Father Roderick of the Daily Breakfast appeared monday night at the dutch late talk show Pauw en Witteman. For anyone who speaks dutch (it would make much sense if you dont know the language), the program can be viewed online at www.uitzendinggemist.nl.

Very nice appearance by the Podcasting Priest as he was called at this program, telling about how it all started and how he tries to appeal to the common podcast listeners, who dont have to be catholics to enjoy the program.

IE7 released

It’s now available on yahoo (so you get all the yahoo ‘extra’s’, like the toolbar etc). And it will be availble without it (I hope ;)) from microsoft at the Microsoft IE site. If it’s like IE7 in Vista, it’s a lot better than IE6 (and it should be), though it has some really odd interface quirks. Firefox has a way more logical interface I think.

Their 2.0 release is right around the corner !

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FireFox RC1

Been using RC1 since it came out last week, and it works great. It seems faster but that could be because I had to disable a few of add-ons that havent been updated yet. Think I’ll just leave them uninstalled. The theme I was using wasnt updated as well, which reminded me that the standard icons are pretty ugly. I’d like to suggest users of Firefox to check out BlueQute. It’s a very nice theme.

New features I enjoy so far: havent found too many to be honest, but I did mention the speed, and there is a close button on each tab. Which you cant see on this theme btw, but it’s there if you hover over the right side of the tab. You can reopen closed tabs as well, which is nice, if you closed one by incident or if you just remembered something else you needed off that website you just closed.

Another thing that’s nice is that if you just installed a theme, or an add-on, you can restart FF and it remembers your tabs ! Very handy indeed !

All in all a pretty stable release, the 2.0 Final cant be far off ;).

RC1 in action, using roboform and the google bar.

Right after I posted this, I discovered RC2 is already released !