WordPress 2.7

Just updated the blog to WordPress 2.7 ! One down, two more blogs to go ;). Didn’t really expect anything spectacular, as I haven’t followed the wordpress developments lately, but I was i for a nice surpise ! The new admin area looks and feels a whole lot better.

If you want a preview, check out the wordpress blog that discusses the new interface. I am sure if you use blogsearch.google, you’ll find a lot more opinions. And ofcourse the release blog post.

The new post screen is better, nice colors (light grey and blue) and all options are easier to access. Only needs a bit to get used to, for example the tags inputbox on the right.

Only thing I don’t quite like is the settings ‘tab’, for lack of a better term. I liked it better when it was in the upper right instead of all the way down left now. Ah well, always something :).