Lost 4×09 – The Shape Of Things To Come

Lost is back this week after a four week hiatus, and we get a very high paced, action filled episode to make up for it ;). I read somewhere that this was supposed to be a Sayid centric episode, but it was more Ben centric than anything else. He sure gets around the world a lot, we saw Tunesia, Iraq and London, UK.

The encounter in the desert was interesting. Looked like he has followed some military training as well, taking out two baddies in one fell swoop. It seemed as if he didn’t know exactly where he landed, when he popped up there. Also asking what date and year it was, was a nice touch to keep us guessing about time travelling. He did make one big miscalculation this episode though. When his daughter was threatened to be executed, he just said he didn’t care about here etc. and hoped to get away with it. But the bad guys (hey they were in Uganda !) were really that bad and executed her in cold blood. 


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WordPress 2.5 Gallery

Unfortunately this new feature doesn’t seem to work properly. First of all I had to make some changes to the .htaccess file on my blog to make the upload and crunching stuff work. Found that out after some digging in the wordpress forums. I can now see that the images are on my server, but they don’t show in the gallery anywhere. Not in the admin interface and not in blogposts :(. The paths to the images are very weird, so I think that’s why they don’t show up.

As I really had a few pictures to show, I decided to go with NextGEN gallery which worked fine. The upload images as one big zip file is very handy and as you can see in the link below, the gallery works wonderfully well.

Wowblog, Pics from this weekend