Top 10 SF Movies of the decade

There is an interesting top 10 posted on I am ashamed to say that I wasn’t familiar with all of them, I’ll definately check them out soon. Including the surprising no. 1, Children of Men !

But looking at the list I am afraid the previous decade wasn’t the hottest for SF movies. My personal favorite would be serenity, which indeed might arguably be a 2hr special episode of Firefly ;).

BscReview top 10 SF movies of the decade.

House – The Down Low

The first episode after the Christmas break was a very enjoyable one. House pretending to be gay in order to screw with Wilson’s dating the cute neighbor plan was very amusing. Especially the scene in the restaurant was excellent.

The episode before the break was very nice as well. Showing Wilson’s point of view on the House team. At least this was also somewhat different from the usual formula. House did get the regular insight into the medical problem at around the 38min mark, but this time it wasn’t enough to save the patient, who sadly died.


The ending was well done, showing the crackdown on the drug dealers while the undercover cop died. Even thirteen wasn’t annoying, the chasing scene was fun where she did get caught running a red light.

House medical review