Amy Winehouse

Merely an hour after she was found dead in her apartment, rumours were going around on Twitter. I’ve seen them before and figured it was another hoax, though some time after, the news was found on several somewhat more reputable sources.

Amy Winehouse

Not that much of a surprise but still a shock once it actually happened. She actually was starting to get better as you can see by the recent pics at the Daily Mail.

She leaves us two wonderful albums. You can watch my favourite song below.

Gary Moore – 1958 – 2011

Unfortunately early this morning I heard about Gary Moore‘s very unexpected death. To be honest I haven’t followed him the past few years, but I had a friend in Highschool (this is the mid ’90s) who was a huge fan, and that’s how I got into his music as well. We saw him perform live quite a few times, and was always impressed by his excellent guitar play. Such a wonderful tone !