About Greendale.tk

The name for this Blog originated from the Neil Young album Greendale. I was quite in love with that album for some time, and the subsequent live shows Neil did where he played the entire album. Around that time I decided to create a site dedicated to that album, and registered this domain at dottk.tk, but never really got around to actually do it. Since I wasn’t using this domain I decided to greendale.tk for my blog.

About the author, Eric

Basically I have too many interests. I like to read and watch movies, play games and stream on Twitch.tv, watch Major League Baseball through http://www.mlb.com, listen to music and podcasts, and tweak PC’s, browse the web and hang out on discord and / or Twitch. If, for whatever reason you want to contact me email me at schoneveld_AT_gmail.com.



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