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Looks like a lot of Dead soundboards are now popping up at Found some more gems lately, like a lot of new Gov’t Mule shows, like this one. It’s currently downloading, cant wait to hear them do My baby wrote me a letter :). Also a new Phil Show from 2-12 where he does Dylan’s Hurricane. Plenty of good downloadable music out there ;).

Govt Mule
Byham theater
Pittsburgh, PA

Source: AKGc451b’s > MP2 > ADC-20 > 7 pin > PCM-M1 @ 48 KHz
Transfer: PCM-M1 > 7 pin > SPDIF > audiophile 2496 > cool edit pro > wav tracks > resampled to 44.1 KHz at highest setting
Location: Floor, 1 or 2 seats right of dfc, row M seat 113, stand 10′ high
Taped/Transferred/Seeded by Bill Weed

total time 147:57

cd 1 (time 70:41)

01 Bad Little Doggie
02 Lola Leave Your Light On
03 Rockin’ Horse
04 Banks of the Deep End
05 Patchwork Quilt
06 Game Face > Mountain Jam > Game Face
07 Little Toy Brain
08 The Letter (Baby She Wrote Me A)
09 Sco-Mule

cd 2 (time 77:16)

01 Better Be Home Soon
02 No Need to Suffer
03 Fools Moon
04 Perfect Shelter
05 Drums
06 // Slackjaw Jezebel
07 I think You Know What I Mean > When the Levee Breaks > I think You Know What I Mean
08 Blind Man In the Dark
09 Crowd
10 E. Young Man Blues Tease >
11 Look on Yonder Wall

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