Sidebar.php Blues

Oh noes, Michael has updated the K2 template again, the only file I edited so far is the sidebar, so I figured I’d just leave my old version as I dont feel like editing it again :). Looks very nice though again so /thumbsup to K2 !

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3 thoughts on “Sidebar.php Blues”

  1. I just couldn’t resist and replaced all my files again, but before i started customizing again i translated everything to Dutch, just hope the next update won’t be too much of a hassle, so i can translate only the files they updated…

  2. That’s still an impressive job :). Looks like it’s worthwhile updating this time, since the bug that didnt count the commentaries (they were always at 0 even though there was a comment) has been fixed for example.

    Not a big fan of the clock and edit icons though. Will definately custimize that out once it finally goes stable.

  3. I like the fam fam fam icons but i might update them to some custom images… and yeah comments seem to work allot better now.

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