Tektonic.net Screwup

Ouch, my vps at tektonic is b0rked, they probably didnt extend the domain registration in time, which is part of the package, look at http://www.wickedmessenger.net. Filed a ticked a few days ago and still no response.

Update : On jan 2nd I finally got a response, I can reregister the domain with them for $13,- and they immediately released it so I can transfer it to godaddy. Since the vps itself is working fine, I decided to do this and keep the vps. Seems to be they want to get out of the registrar business…

March of the Penguins

March of the Penguins

Imagine walking 70 miles through extreme cold weather, snow in your face and not eat for 3 or 4 months once you arrive at your destination… That’s what this movie is about. The Emperor Penguins do this every year to get to their brooding place. And this movie is impressive to say the least. It’s a wonderful documentary, narrated by Morgan Freeman, who does a great job. There are very comical moments in the movie, like 2 penguins diving into a tiny hole in the ice at the same time, and very sad moments, like when a couple looses their egg, or when one of the chicks dies. Definately a must see for everybody who cares even remotely for these curious animals.

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