Computer Game Nostalgia

Ah found this link: Top 100 Amiga games. Probably an old one, but still true. Remember Supercars ? And ofcourse the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood on Monkey Island !

How did I get there ? Well I saw that Sid Meier is working on a remake of Railroad Tycoon. Hard to believe the original came out 16 years ago. Must be getting old ! Played the original to death. Think I might still have the original somewhere in a closet. Games sure have come a long way, since then, but thats mainly the graphics. Hard to find a game anymore that has such magical gameplay that kept you busy for hours / days on end. Hope the remake will turn out good, the gameplay should still be there…

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3 thoughts on “Computer Game Nostalgia”

  1. I have yet to meet a fellow Amiga lover I don’t like.
    And yeah, I still have a go at some of the oldies once in a while on an emulator. I’d love to see more remakes of some of those games. Gameplay, mmmm.

  2. Just a random ‘amiga rocks’ test comment because I don’t feel like typing the whole damn thing again… 😉

  3. Sorry, your comments were marked for moderation :(.

    Yep those were the days of gameplay ! And we were much easier impressed. I remember being impressed once we got people talking in computer games and they didnt sound like robots, for example ;).

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