Lost: Catch 22

At least Catch 22 was an interesting episode, we did get to learn a bit more about Desmond. It wasnt a particularly spectacular or good episode, but it wasnt bad either. Desmond apparently lived in a monastery for some time, after he left a girl ‘at the altar’. And once he got ‘fired’ from the monastery he meets Penny.

Charlie and Desmond on the beach

It seems sacrifice is a general theme in Desmond’s life. We got some biblical references to Abraham and Isaac and ofcourse there is the dilemma of having to sacrifice Charlie in order to let things happen as they are supposed to happen according to the visions inside his head / his flashbacks. Desmond had hoped Penny was coming to the Island, but apparently she sent someone else, a Portuguese person carrying a copy of Catch-22 and a copy of the photo Desmond has been carrying around as well.

Furthermore on the beach the love triangle continues and it even gets more complicated now that Juillet is on the beach. After seeing Jack and Juilet together she throws herself at Sawyer. Before that we got to see Kate in her underwear, which I thought was unnecessary an a bit cheesy / tacky. Not sure where they’re going with this triangle, and I really dont care too much for this plot line.

Monk and Ring Lady

By the way on the desk of the monk that took Desmond in the monastery there was a picture of the monk and the ‘ring lady’ from the previous Desmond episode ‘flashes before your eyes‘ ! So there seems to have been an overall plan or scheme to get Desmond to the Island.

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