Lost: The Brig

If this isn’t hell friend, then where are we ?

Wow, a lot happened in this show. I always love Locke centered episodes and this one certainly was no exception. The flashback were different this time. We didn’t get flashbacks from his past but from the previous week, Locke spent with the Others, or The Enemy as Sawyer put it.

John Locke

We learn that the others think Locke is very special because he could walk again as soon as he landed on the island. Though to find his destination, he has to get rid of his past by killing his father. The scene where all the others (who are now out camping, going to a new place that is actually very old) gather around to see whether Locke will kill his father felt really medieval. Alpert tells Locke that that was meant to embarrass him in public, as Ben knew Locke couldnt do it. Then he suggests Locke gets Sawyer to do the dirty job and hands him Sawyer’s file. As it turned out, Locke’s dad was indeed the Tom Sawyer that conned his parents out of their money and make hid dad kill his mother and himself.

Meanwhile on the island, they’re keeping the parachute girl Naomi in Hurley’s tent and Sayid is trying to get the iPhone / Sattelite phone to work. Nobody tells Jack, because they don’t trust him anymore.

The Other's Camp

    Some observations:

  • We now have two sources that claim that their plane is on the bottom of the ocean and all bodies were there. Still dont know what to make of this to be honest. Sawyer’s response was: So we’re all dead ?
  • Locke’s dad also called Ben Bug Eye 😆
  • Juliet is at the beachcamp, investigating who of the women are pregnant, and in three days, the others will raid the camp and try to capture those women
  • Sawyer got Juilet’s tape from Locke, and now has actual proof she is a mole. Will be interesting to see how the beach people are going to deal with the upcoming raid, and how they will treat Jack
  • Locke is not with the Others, he is now on his own journey. Not a major revelation here, Locke has always come across as someone with his own plan

Looking forward to next week’s show and see how things will develop !

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