Lost: Through the looking glass

So much happened in this final episode of the season, luckily we have eight months to think about it all 😉 . I’ll just post some thoughts for now.

I was cheering out loud when Hurley rescued the hostages on the beach. After being brushed off twice for being too big and only running in the way, Hurley grabs the old volkswagen van and puts it to good use ;). One of the best moments I’ve ever seen on television, it was so nice. And then later on his rant on the walky to the Others was very funny.

Charley died just like Desmond had seen in a flash. It seems he didnt have to die, but he felt he had to make the sacrifice to get the other beach people off the island.

Future Kate

After seeing Jack in such a bad shape during the flashforward scenes, it seems Ben was right. Why does Jack want to get off the island so badly ? He wasnt doing very well before the crash and sure is even worse when he gets back. The period on the island was where he shined, leading the beachfolks to the rescue. What was he referring to when he said “I am so sick of lieing” ? at the final scene with Kate ? What has he been lieing about ? How they were rescued ? Where they had been ? I thought that was kind of odd.

Who was Naomi and who does she work for ? Not too sure about that. I think next season something will happen and they dont get off the island at all. There is still a lot more to learn about Jacob and the island and Locke’s destiny.

Just some thoughts for now, if I think of more, i’ll post some more here. What tv shows can I watch now ? Heroes, Jericho, Lost and Battlestar are all over.

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