Lost 4×08 – Meet Kevin Johnson

This week’s episode was a Michael centric one, which was to be expected after the big ‘reveal’ last week. Apparently after somehow getting back to New York City Michael was unable to cope with his guild of killing two women. This has also affected Walt, he doesn’t want to talk to Micheal anymore and is now living with his grandma. Michael wants to kill himself but the Island won’t let him (did the gun just jam or did the bullet bounce off your skull ?).

Then in a stereotypical dark New York ally he meets Tom ! Tom is one of the Others who can go off the island from time to time, he doesn’t do it often so when he does he likes to indulge himself :). He shows Michael all the proof that Widmore is indeed behind the fake flight 815 on the bottom of the ocean, so it seems the captain of the freighter is indeed not to be trusted.


This (plus the fact that everybody on the island will be killed by Widmore supposedly) convinced Michael to work for Ben and the others and we see how Michael gets onboard the freighter and learns that 80% of rest of the crew have alterior motives to get on board (the short scene with Miles was interesting). His job will be to kill everyone on board…

When we get back to current time, we see Sayid confronting Michael and promptly turning him in, which I thought was really weird. It’s not like that captain is their best friend.


Meanwhile on the island Rousseau and her daughter / boyfriend are urged to leave as there is an impending attack on the Locke camp. But they run into an ambush and Alex’ boyfriend gets shot. Then in an odd attempt to run off (straight into the fire ?) Rousseau gets shot as well. I sure hope she isn’t really dead as she is a very interesting character that still has a lot of potential to add to the overal story. And who is behind this ambush ? The trigger happy freighter folks ? After all Frank did take out the helicopter…

All in all an okish episode. Don’t really care too much for Michael as he did betray his friends and shot two people, but the scenes with Tom were worth it :). I thought the hiatus would start last week, hence my dramatic ending of that blogpost, but it seems I was mistaken and it’ll start now. So we’ll have to wait four weeks to see how this all will unfold. At least it’s no nine months !

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