Lost 4×12 – No Place Like Home


This episode was sort of a setup for the grand finale that we’ll get in two weeks time. It was entertaining, but nothing new was revealed. The return to Hawaii was nice, and a bit emotional. Especially the Nady – Sayd moment was very nice. The press conference didn’t reveal much it was the same story as we got from Jack’s testimony. Though it seemed a bit naive on the reporter’s part.


The moment we heard the wispers again was really odd, when Hurley had his surprise party. Ofcourse the numbers on his counter in the car was a nice touch ;).


The return of the Others was fun. This were the old school dressed in rags Others, we used to hate ;). Not sure what to think about them now. Ofcourse the ending was great, Ben telling Lock he ‘always has a plan’ !


Curious how this all will pan out, we got a great finale coming up I am sure.

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  1. Really ? I thought the finale was great. That reminds me that i still have to do a little writeup about it ;).

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