Jotspot acquired by Google

Was a bit surprised to find this (in my gmail box no less):

We’re writing to let you know that Google has acquired JotSpot. We believe this is great news for our users. More importantly, we want to reassure you that you’ll continue to have uninterrupted access to your account.

It’s starting to become obvious that Google is trying to assemble a complete ‘online office’ solution. They now have offer email, spreadsheets, a wordproccessor, agenda and with jotspot, another great online collaboration tool.

I had been trying Jotspot for a new software project for work and it seem to work wonderfully. You can put documentation, spreadsheets, an agenda etc. all in one place (a wiki), and give rights to people on the project that need it (read only, write access etc). It wasnt free though, and it looks like that will be changed now, which is even more an incentive to start using it for this particular project. Though it might have some google adsense ads added to it.

Will paying customers still be charged?

We will no longer be billing customers for the use of the service. Although you will still have use of the product at your current pricing plan, we won’t charge you anymore when your current billing cycle expires.

Scoble made a post about it too, you can find two nice videos on jotspot at the scoble show.
There is also a nice article on techcrunch.

Quotes are from Jotspot’s email to existing customers.

Google Demo Videos

Just read one of Scoble’s latest entries on his Scobleizer blog and I think he’s right on the money. It would be nice when google would have a channel9 type site, where they show some of their products (they have an incredible amount of stuff out at the moment) and show some of their features off. And make it a bit informal, not marketing talk ofcourse.

Google Notebook

Google Notebook has been out for a while, but I just recently started using it. It’s really very handy if you want to keep track of ideas you have on a certain topic, or doing some research on a topic and want to save urls, and web content and want to access that from multiple places. Sometimes I want to save some work related links when I am surfing at home. Before I used to email them to my Gmail account, but now I save them in my Google Notebook.

As you can see it sits quietly in the bottom of the screen if you have installed the firefox extention. Then you can select a piece of the site you’re looking at, bring up the google notebook and then select add note. Then you can add some text of your own, if you want to, give it a title and you’re set ;).

So if you havent tried it out, I’d say give it a shot. It’s free anyway, so you can’t go wrong ;).

Google banning windows live writer

Nice extensive article on Primordial Blog found through the channel9 forums. If this is true, it’s rather sad :(. And I wonder what they gain if they were doing stuff like this. It also makes you wonder what else they might be blocking out !

ps. this is my first post using windows live writer :).

Scoble is going to check it out 😉

Follow up on Scoble’s site and another blog post at Matt Cutts’ blog.