Lost Season 5 Premiere

Just some remarks about the new lost episodes, enjoyed them both quite a bit, especially the first one.

“Because You Left”
Very fast paced episode, that reveals some of the mystery of the island ! As it turned out, there is some sort of unlimited energy source within the island, that also allows to manipulate time. Apparently when tempered with somehow, the island starts jumping around in time. This lead to some quite funny, confusing scenes. The interactivity between Sawyer and Daniel was nice to see. Daniel seems to be the only one that seems to grasp the situation. He says the island is dislodged in time, like a skipping record. Which accidentally was the opening scene, a Willie Nelson record got stuck.

Darhma instruction video

Charlotte is already suffering from a nosebleed. The other people that timetraveled also started out getting ill like this and eventually die. Daniel will do his best to prevent this I am sure.

Lock and Alpert meet again, Alpert was remarkable prepared for Lock’s injury. In a previous timeframe, Lock must have told Richard what happened and where he was. But next time they meet, Alpert wont recognize him. Alpert gives him a compass so Lock can identify himself. The ‘What does it do ?’, ‘it points north John’ was very funny.

All in all a solid opening episode for Season 5. Had to watch it twice to quite grasp what was going on, very easy to miss things and some of the nice details. I thought the opening scene was very well done, a flashback to the recording of one of the instructional videos !

Richard: In order to save the island you’re going to get them back,
the ones that left !

Lock: And how am I supposed to do that ?
Richard: You’re going to have to die John

“The Lie”
This was a Hurley centric episode, at least it felt like one. He meets Said again, which led to some funny scenes. Ben is trying to get everybody together but Hurley doesn’t seem to be very cooperative. I wonder what Ben is going to do to get him out of custody !

On the island, the beach is under arrow fire, which killed the very annoying guy that was complaining all the time. It seems annoying people on Lost die a horrible death each time.

What exactly is Jinn up to ? Ok she wants to kill Ben, but her cooperation with Widmore doesn’t seem to be going very smooth. She now has a bit of a evil streak to her, not quite sure what to make of it. Will she be betraying the rest of the Oceanic 6 ? Or will she turn around ?
Darhma instruction video
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