The king of pop has left the building

Late last thursday night the news came out, that MJ suffered a cardiac arrest and supposedly died. Not a real surprise, he didn’t exactly look healthy the past few years.

At the time I didn’t really care for his music, I listened to other stuff in the ’80s and ’90s, but looking back now, some songs, like Man in the mirror, Dirty Diana and the earlier Jackson 5 stuff are very well done. Regardless what I think, he was one of the biggest entertainers, the world has ever seen for almost 3 decades (not really counting the 2000era, let’s forget about those).

He was a stage persona, and wasn’t very happy off-stage, which lead to all sorts of antics. A kid trapped in a man’s body, very naive and not understanding the world around him very well. May he rest in peace !

Two Legends

Two Legends

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