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This blogpost has been long in the making and seen a few revisions ever since I was planning to do this. Even though most of the revisions were just in my head. I now decided to split the articles by consoles / PC. It’s more a games I played in 2017 type of list, than a GOTY 2017 one. And yes I know it’s almost febuary 2018 when I post this :p.

Anyway, 2017 was an amazing year for gaming. If you just look at the list of titles on Metacritic it’s quite impressive. Let’s kick off with the consoles, here’s my ps4 list of 2017 games I played  :


  • Nier : Automation
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Everybody’s Golf
  • Sports games, NHL 18, MLB the show 17
  • Grand Turismo Sports

Didn’t quite finish Nier, wasn’t really my thing in the end. Still need to play Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s high up on my TO DO list ! I only did the starting area and quite loved it. I have seen a few play throughs on Twitch though, so I know a bit about the rest of the game. Very impressive graphics. There is also DLC out now, that I might get if I ever get close to finishing the game ;). I still play a round of golf every now and then in Everybody’s golf. It’s surprisingly fun.



MLB the show remains one the of the best sports franchises in gaming. Wonderful graphics, presentation and great options to play one guy going through the leagues in his career, or manage a team, play online or whatever you fancy. Whether it’s worth it to keep buying the new installment every year is up to you. I dont think it hurts to skip a version every other year or so. NHL 18 wasn’t that much different from last year’s. I played the show more this year, whereas in 2016, it was the other way around.

Grand Turismo Sports was an odd release. Online racing only at first. Apparently that didn’t appeal to a whole lot of people because less than 2 months after release, the price was drastically reduced. I did pick up then, at 29,99 I believe. The driving is fine, and there is a single player mode (of sorts) now added. I prefer this one over Forza 7, which is a little too arcady for my taste.

The big game from 2017 missing from the list is of course persona 5. I played it for a few evenings, then when I heard how long it was, got very discouraged and haven’t touched it since :). I really dont have the time or patience to complete a 100hrs (or longer) game. 

That’s it the list for PS4 for 2017. Next will be the Nintendo Smash. Not sure what I am going to do with PC games, probably split them up in genres or something, or make a long article ? We’ll see !

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