Sunset in Satisfactory

My games of 2021

Upcoming games

The next year, well this year actually as I write this, I have started with The Ruined King. A very enjoyable Turn Based RPG based on the League of Legends lore. I will write about that one once I have finished it. I also intend to play Astroneer a bit more, since I liked what I saw the few times I got into it. I just need to dive deeper into it this time and take some more time. It also received a lot of updates since I last played it.  Triangle Strategy on the Switch looks very promising. It has the same style as Octopath Traveler. It’s coming out in March. 

Ruined King
A turn based battle in Ruined King

Other than that I don’t really have anything I am particularly looking forward to. Maybe Kerbal Space Program II will be nice, but it’s made by an entirely different team so we’ll have to wait and see. Also Satisfactory is still updated of course, so I’ll keep an eye on that, and maybe start a new run. 

So that’s it for 2021 :).

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Basically I have too many interests. I like to read, play PC games (ESO and various builder / factory type games), watch movies, listen to music, and tweak PC's, browse the web and read news on Reddit and hang out on twitch and discord. My dayjob is Software Engineer!