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Gaming in 2022

The main thing I wanted to change in 2022 (and subsequent years, hopefully ;)) was to actually finish games, instead of playing one for a few sessions and hop on to the next one. The hopping can still occur though, in search for a game I actually want to get stuck in with and finish to the end. On the other hand, I do play a lot of ‘open ended factory / builder’ type games, but the goal in those should be to get to the endgame.

The first two games that I actually finished at the start of the year were Star Wars Fallen Order and Ruined King. Both excellent games. The jedi one will see it’s follow up later this year. I started playing not long after it originally came out, and for some reason moved on to something else. I decided to finish it now though, and it was well worth it. Fun combat and the story was decent as well, though the ending was a bit odd. After the darth vader chase (spolier!) and back on the ship the story just sort of ended.

Ruined king battle
A Ruined king battle

Ruined king is a turnbased strategy game. I loved the story and the combat was excellent. Apparently it’s gameplay is mainly based on Battle Chasers: Nightwar, the creator’s previous game, so I added that to my to do list as well. The only thing that was off, were the sidequests. I was either too high or two low level for them. It seemed to me you were supposed to do them at a certain point in the main story, and if you didn’t, well though luck.

Lego Star Wars

Then in april Lego Star Wars, The Skywalker Saga came out. I actually finished that as well, meaning I played through all nine movies. To be honest it became a bit of chore near the end but I managed to do it. Of course there is a lot more to do in the game, collecting and solving things on the map and unlock characters etc.. But I already seen enough of it by the end. It is a very fun and entertaining game though, so well recommended.

Lego star wars open screen
Lego star wars open screen

I started a new run in Satisfactory by this point as well I think, I am not entirely sure of the timeframe. And also started Factorio again, this time with the Krasstorio 2 mod, which isn’t as complicated as Angel/Bob but adds more complexity and new buildings etc. to the vanilla game, and made it really fresh again. For those that have played Vanilla a couple of times, I certainly recommend this mod. Its like an expansion / dlc really.

My Krasstorio 2 base
Krasstorio 2 base

Riftbreaker was another game I played and finished, before the DLC ‘Metal Terror‘ came out. The DLC was alright as well, played trough that pretty quickly. I might play it again at some point, it is a fun combination of tower defense and action rpg. The story was fun as well. A few grindy, boring elements as well, but I actually stuck in this time and finished it ;).

Riftbreaker Screenshot
The riftbreaker defending a base

Oxygen not included was back on the menu as well, after the summer / in the fall, if I remember well. Finally got around to properly play with the Spaced Out expansion. I started a few new colonies, one got quite a bit into end game. The other ones I am still occasionally playing, They were intended to get a few achievements. I still have a few annoying ones to do. I think this will always be one of those games I keep picking up. Also it is still updated regularly so that helps to keep it fresh.


The other big game I played by September / October was Astroneer. This game was always in my backlog. I started it a few times, but never got around to properly give it enough time. When I started it again, I was reminded of the weird key strokes / gui and almost threw in the towel again, but I have to say after  few hours, you get used to the UI and its quirks. It’s a great game, nice combination of automation and exploration. The quests are quiet fun. And they still create some new content every now and then as well. If you haven’t played it yet, give it a try :).

Astroneer Vehicle on Ice Planet
Astroneer Vehicle on Ice Planet

By the end of the year I was going back into Modded Minecraft again. It has been a while since I checked it out. Although I occasionally checked out Direwolf20 on youtube, to see what was up. Its quite time consuming to be honest and easy to loose track of time when you’re trying to figure stuff out and make it work. It was stoneblock 3 that got me back in. The pack was quite fun up until I had to dig a very long tunnel to The End, and the end game looked very grindy as well, watching a few youtubers. Currently I am exploring a few other modpacks, and I made my own. To be continued :).

Elder Scrolls Online screenshot
Elder Scrolls Online

And of course there is always ESO. The new expansion this year was quite fun. I am actually playing through the story again with a new character. Another game I now often boot up for a round or two is Bloons TD6, a tower defense game. It’s quite fun. And there is always ETS2 and ATS with new DLC to explore and events to complete :).

These were my main games for 2022. 2023 is almost a month in already, I’ll try to write a bit more often since it’s fun to do :). Next post will be about the games I intend to play / checkout in 2023.

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