Star Wars Jedi Survivor, nice view

Thoughts on Jedi Survivor

There were also some annoyances, the main one being the cut scenes during boss fights, especially the final fight with Dagan Gara. Man, that was annoying! Also what happened in the cut scenes wasn’t what was happening at all in my game. So that made it even stranger. I was winning the fight and then in the cut scene it seemed as if you were getting your ass kicked, it kind of killed the immersion.

Now there is new game plus to do, or collect all the collectables (mainly cosmetic, and some perks), I haven’t done all the bounties yet etc. But after about 50 hrs, I’ve seen enough for now, maybe in a year’s time or so I can go back, or if the game would get some DLC, but I don’t think that is planned.

Star Wars Survivor Disguise
Cal under cover as Imperial :).
Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Cal hugs Merrin
Cal hugs Merrin

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