2023 in Gaming

The main goal for this year in gaming in general was to actually finish a few games, and lo and behold, I actually succeeded (a little bit) ! I finished Marvell’s Midnight Suns, but not the gamepass content. I’ve seen enough of the game for now. The soap opera regarding all the characters got a bit too much at the end, but I persevered and finished the final mission. The gameplay is great, all the drama around it should be toned down a little.

One game I started and played quite a bit was Yakuza like a dragon. Its a spinoff of the other Yakuza games and this one has turn based combat, its pretty good. Maybe I’ll pick it up again. Got almost 20hrs in it so far.

In april however, Jedi Survivor came out and I focused mainly on that, you can see my comments in another post. Right before I wrote this I went back in the game a little bit, it’s still great fun to just run around and killing imperials for an hour or so, then I am done again for a while. Sadly the game runs much better now than on release. All in all if I had to pick my game of the year this would be it.

Right after the summer, Starfield came out, which I already wrote about, so I wont add much here, except that its just a shame the game is a little outdated, and feels like it should have come out a few years earlier. A lot of lost potential. And I don’t think ‘mods will fix it’. It’s no longer 2011 ;).

Wartales is another one I played a bit, could pick it up again one of these days (on the infamous backlog !). Novalands was a fun factory type indie game I enjoyed quite a bit. Furthermore a lot of smaller games I dabled in a little, Age of Wonders 4, Spellforce EO, Cosmoteer, Soulstone Survivors. And of course the usual suspects, Eurotruck Simulator 2 and American trucksim, Oxygen not included and Factorio! I did a vanilla run with QOL mods in Factorio and the past few monhts Krasstorio 2 w/ QOL mods as well. Quite a lot of fun, definately looking forward to the expansion next year.

So that is about it, currently am enjoying ONI again with a weird Metallic Swamp run, and Dave the Diver which I picked up in the end of year sales! And no I didnt play Baldur’s Gate 3, its a bit too large for me, I doubt I ever go through the whole thing. I’ll keep the blog updated hopefully so these end of year summaries are a bit easier!