Fallout Revival

Thanks to the TV show over at prime video, Fallout is topping the steam charts again! Some of these are even over a decade old. Fallout 76 is making a comeback as well.

After a rocky start the game is much better now and becoming quite popular. It’ll be interesting to see how many will still play in say a month or so.

I have been playing Fallout 76 as well again, after a hiatus of 4 years. My level 13 character was waiting for my return. I mainly wandered around in confusing where I left off in 2020 ;). But it was fun though. The shooting and the modding of weapons is great. So is the base building. And the multiplayer aspect isn’t annoying. The quests are good as well.

And I also picked up where I left off years ago in Fall out 4. not quite sure why I never finished it. I think i am going to focus on FO4 for now, will be nice to conclude the main quest at least and some of the DLC is excellent as well.