Death of a fellow MMORPG player

How come everytime I read about a fellow mmorpg player dies, that I dont even know, it makes me very sad ? I just updated my podcast feed of the Instance and noticed a special episode for Bruce Galloway aka Milliway in game. I have never met him, but reading about him, he was a wonderful helpful person.

From A Shadow Rose – Very nice post on

Why do I, a thirty-seven year old man, play a computer game like World of Warcraft? What blatant justification could there possibly be for anyone to sit for hours in front of a computer screen and immerse themselves into a fantasy world of RP and, at least for a time, forget about his RL? I can give you one such answer: Bruce Galloway.

The instance – Rest in peace Bruce Galloway

Screenshots of the ingame funeral

The Burning Crusade

Blizzard have announced that their expansion to the very popular MMORPG world of warcraft, is the best selling game on one day, ever.

Article on curse-gaming.

I have been playing it since last tuesday when it was released, and I must say I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. It’s very nice to meet the players again, that I used to play with when WoW started, almost 2 years ago.