Wilco, Sun Volt

Haven’t mentioned anything music related lately. That is mainly because I mostly listen to podcasts these days, but I managed to check out two new albums by two related Alt-Country artists. I would certainly recommend them if you like that kind of music:
Sky Blue Sky by Wilco
The Search by Jay Farrar’s Son Volt

I especially like The Search, it gets better and better each time you play the album. It’s been on my mp3 player for quite a while now ;).

Needless to say the two bands are closely related, if you want to read a bit more on their history, check out the Uncle Tupelo’s wiki page.

Search Wilco on bt.etree.org for torrents on live performances.

Jeff Tweedy Soundboard Recording 3/3/2007 on bt.etree.org, 3cd’s filled with goodness 😉 .