Finding Neverland

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When I noticed that this movie was available, being a big Johnny Depp fan, I had to get it right away. Already read some good reviews and it’s rated a whopping 8.3 at IMDB ! And I must say, even though the expectations were high it certainly didn’t disappoint me. Depp does a very fine acting job, even uses a mild, though believable scottish accent. Kate Winslet is fine as well, and even Dustin Hoffman has a small part.

The movie is about the author of Peter Pan, around the time he wrote that play. His previous play had flopped and his marriage was going bad. Then he met the widow (Winslet) in the park with her children. They become closer and closer, and being a big kid himself (I am sure just about every man has heard that at least once in his life) he gets along very well with the children. I won’t tell you the rest, just watch it for yourself, but it’s not all happy (luckily). The 25 empty seats was a very nice touch, it certainly surprised me :). Go and see it when you can. One of the best ones of 2004. And it’ll definately be one of the best DVD releases of 2005.

Here is a fine review of this movie.

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4 thoughts on “Finding Neverland”

  1. I’d have to say that anything with Johny Depp in it is good…Fear and Loathing, Blow,
    Edward Scissorhands. I haven’t seen this yet, but I will very shortly. Although I have to say that I was like, “Ahhh…another Peter Pan movie”.

  2. It’s definately not a Peter Pan, more about the author who wrote the play ;). I am sure if you enjoy Johnny Depp, you’ll enjoy this !

  3. Well in that case I’ll be sure to check it out. We watched “The Grudge” a week or so ago, and as sad as it is to say…that movie scared the shit outta me! It’s not that the movie is sooo scary, but it’s really creepy. If you haven’t seen it and enjoy a good scare, check it out.

    Thanks for the blog roll too…

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