Last week I upgraded my motherboard and cpu, and reinstalled windows. I have finally decided to not install a whole lot of crap anymore. Just stuff I really want / use. One of the tools I want to keep is Rocketdock. It’s a bit like MacOs X’s program launcher. It looks very nice, and it’s very handy. You can easily keep the programs you use most often at the top of the screen. Or to the left / right if you want to do so. I am sure I am not using all of the features yet, but for now it’s been working great !

Rocketdock Screenshot

You can get rocketdock at


The lifehacker has a very nice post on how to get more out of Launchy. In case you don’t know what Launchy is:

Launchy is a free windows utility designed to help you forget about your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager.

Launchy indexes the programs in your start menu and can launch your documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes! Take Launchy beyond application launching
Launchy :

Google Notebook

Google Notebook has been out for a while, but I just recently started using it. It’s really very handy if you want to keep track of ideas you have on a certain topic, or doing some research on a topic and want to save urls, and web content and want to access that from multiple places. Sometimes I want to save some work related links when I am surfing at home. Before I used to email them to my Gmail account, but now I save them in my Google Notebook.

As you can see it sits quietly in the bottom of the screen if you have installed the firefox extention. Then you can select a piece of the site you’re looking at, bring up the google notebook and then select add note. Then you can add some text of your own, if you want to, give it a title and you’re set ;).

So if you havent tried it out, I’d say give it a shot. It’s free anyway, so you can’t go wrong ;).


A few days back I posted about colibri being a quicksilver ‘replacement’ for Windows Xp. After listening to one of the podcast episodes of Scott Hanselman (at I checked out AppRocket and decided to register it today. It’s only $18,- !

It’s well worth it. You can add directories that you want to be indexed, like your podcast directory (it will show extended info on mp3s if you want), tools directory etc. It sits happily on the top of your screen, and you activate it by hitting your hotkey, like alt+space. You can also perform fast web searches on wikipedia, google or amazon. Their website has some nice screencasts where you can check out how things work.

AppRocket Homepage:

Get it from CNET!