Lost: One of us

Juliet arrives on the island

Excellent episode of Lost this week. We see how Juliet arrives on the island, and is manipulated by Ben to stay on the island. As we learn now, there is a fertility problem on the island and that’s why she has been brought in.

Plane missing on the news

The footage shown of the ‘outside world’ was interesting. Several news stations broadcasting about the missing plane. And ofcourse a little clip of Juliet’s sister with her son. Was the cancer really back or did Ben change the files in order to keep Juliet on the island ?

At the beach

Once our little group arrives on the beach she isnt welcomed very enthusiastically. All except Jack dont trust Juliet. Is Jack really as naive as he seems to be at the moment or is he keeping a keen eye on her and keep her close, so he can check what she is up to ?

Conveniently she gets to play the hero, when Claire gets ill and Juilet rescues using some hidden stash of medicine. And as we learn this was part of the plan The final scene was amazing, totally NOT Lost style, letting us all now, that Juilet is indeed a plant, a mole ! Thought they would keep us in the dark on this for the coming weeks, but for some reason, the writers found it necessary to let us all know what’s going on.

Evil Plot

See you in a week !

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