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Tony sitting in a chair
A bit of a slow start to the second half of season 6. So far season 6 has not been anything to write home about and this episode sort of continued that tradition 😉 . Basically we only see Tony and his wife, Bobby and Janet (who has put on some extra weight it seems, and is more annoying than ever) hanging out, celebrating Tony’s birthday, fighting (not only verbal) and making a deal with some French Canadians.

Bobby has to wack a guy in order to get a sweeter deal with the Canadians, but it seems he does it rather sloppily and maybe it’ll come back to haunt him. He doesnt seem a happy guy once he returns to the family. Some funny moments:
– Christopher calling and wishing Tony a belated happy birthday, Tony immediately hangs up.
– Bobby after the fight getting into his car (who knows where he was planning on going) and backing into a tree 😆 .
– Tony going on and on about the fight and why he lost

Well that was about it. Found another nice review at the Natural Blog and a letter never sent. Let’s hope this season will get better than what we got so far !

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2 thoughts on “Sopranos: Home Movies”

  1. I think things will start picking up soon… some rumours/possible spoilers I’ve read are quite interesting.

    Just 8 more left, hopefully they’ll be great.

  2. I hope you’re right FJ 🙂 . I try to stay away from the spoilers a bit, so I get surprised when I see the episode !

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