Lost: DOC

“They found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead.”

A very nice Lost episode this week. My expectations were not too high, since I never did care too much for the Jin and Sun back story, but I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. Their flash backs were very well done and acted, and their history was given an interesting twist as we learned that it was Sun who got Jin into the ‘mob’ job for her father. He was actually given a regular job as floor manager. We also learn that she actually did sleep with that other guy that killed himself, if anyone had still doubts about that.

Furthermore Patchy was back ! He seemed very eager to get to the parachute girl. She was speaking various languages (speaking in tongues ?), one of the things she said was the mysterious ‘I am not alone‘. There must be a really good explanation Mikhail is still alive as he was looking very dead to me when he was thrown through the sonar gate by Lock

The Juilet and Sun scenes were excellent as well. Their going back and forth and the emotions shown were very nice. Juilet is on a mission to collect samples from the woman, but she hates what she’s doing. Think she feels like she sold her soul to the devil to get off the island.

All in all a great episode hope the producers can keep this up for the episodes still to come.

Screenshots from lost-media.com.
Jay and Jack
Generally Speaking
The Transmission

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