Lost: The Man Behind The Curtain

Once I open this door, there is no turning back

This episode was almost an information overload 😉 . Ben and Locke go out in the jungle to see the mysterious Jacob, even though he is not someone you go out and see, he summons you. Once in the Jacob shag, Ben seems to be talking to an empty chair. Locke thinks Ben is putting on some kinda show and wants to leave, but once he does, Jacob speaks to him and says “Help Me” ! So it seems Jacob wants to be rescued by Locke from Ben. Then the whole shag goes crazy, stuff flying around etc. but Ben and Locke get out alive.

This was basically the main scene for me. The fact that Locke could hear Jacob was very frightening to Ben. His leadership was already challenged by Locke, he didnt want Locke to see Jacob.

Ben standing over Locke

The flashbacks were very interesting. We get to see Ben’s childhood on the island (all flashbacks are on his various birthdays), he was brought there by his father who got a job as a janitor at the Dharma initiative. His mother died giving birth to him, when she was only 7 months pregnant (off the island by the way). Ben meets Richard later on, one of the natives on the island, who didnt seem to have aged a bit. Cliff from the generally speaking podcast suggests the natives are the Blackrock people who havent aged a bit since they stranded on the island. That would also explain Richard’s somewhat odd outfit 😉 . Richard tells him to be very patient. And years and years later on, he has to kill his father, just like Locke, in order to join them. He seems to be the only Dharma person left, using some kind of gas, the hostiles have wiped out the entire Darma camp.

Lost Man Behind The Curtain

In the mean time on the beach, the tape gets played that proves Juliet is a mole. Apparently she already told Jack about the upcoming attack. But Jack hadnt told the other beach folks yet, as he was still contemplating what to do about it 🙄 .

Some thoughts :

  • Is Locke going to die ? Nah, he plays a very big part in the plot, he seems to be the savior of the others. The island (Jacob ?) will cure his shot wound.
  • There was nothing mysterious about Patchy not dieing. ‘The fence wasnt set to a lethal level’ 🙄
  • The marking of the tents of the pregnant women seems very biblical.
  • Another thought from the generally speaking podcast: did Ben bring some kind of curse to the island, was he to blame for his mother’s death and subsequently of the fact that women cant give birth on the island (if conceived on the island, that is) ?
  • Get lost with Cliff and Stephanie

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