Lost: Greatest Hits

If anyone is stupid enough to get in your way, kill them

Lost Greatest Hits
This episode of Lost was definitely a nice setup for the Season’s Finale. Not as exciting or revealing as the last few, but it was very good nevertheless. I never cared too much for Charlie, but his flashback were very emotional this time. We get to see his 5 best moments of his life, as he is writing them down for Claire. He expects to be drowned while flipping a switch in the Looking Glass, the underwater hatch. But in the end he got captured by two women (who’s group do they belong to ?) as the episode comes to a close.

The other beach folks are setting up a trap for the Others, placing some dynamite at the marked tents that they’re going to shoot from a distance and blow the Other (or some of them at least) up. We’ll see how that all will go down next week in the Grande Season Finale.

Lost Greatest Hits Rose Bernard

Some thoughts:

  • As pointed out on a lot of sites / podcasts: previously Charlie didnt seem to be a very good swimmer, now he seems to do a good job, what’s up with that ?
  • Bernard will be one of the three shooters, it was great seeing Rose and Bernard return for these last two episodes of the season, most scenes they’re in are a lot of fun.
  • Ben seems to be loosing himself. When he returns to the Other’s campe he doesnt seem to be the well-collected, in control guy, we’re used to.
  • Is there still an Other spy in the Beach camp ? What’s the hurry with the attack on the camp ? Did I miss something ?

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