Lost 4×03 – The Economist

Once again an amazing episode, this time with Sayid flash forwards. The show started with a somewhat disturbing scene where Sayid kills a man on the golfcourt in cold blood. As it turns out, Sayid is working for someone to kill people that are on his employer’s list, so he turned into a hitman. Ofcourse the interesting twist was that to get to his next target he got romantically involved with a german woman, who then turned out to double cross him :).

    Some thoughts:

  • Daniel Faraday is on to some of the mysteries of the island. The payload that was shot to his marker from the ship seemed to have been lost in time as it arrived 30mins later, which upset Daniel very much. BTW someone could tell him to loose his little tie ;). The guy is very funny in his weird manners.
  • Locke couldn’t find Jacob’s cabin. I don’t think Jacob likes behind visited by a big crowd that Locke brought. Jacob apparently only shows himself when he want to be seen, so Ben was right all along, he isn’t someone you visit, you get called for :).
  • Some nice Kate and Sawyer moments. The let’s play house scene was excellent. Both don’t have any reason to go back home. Yet Kate will be going back, as of now we dont know the fate of Sawyer.
  • Hurley was excellent again this episode. I fell for his scam as did Kate and Sayid. When Miles calls him Tubby, Hurley’s response had me laughing out loud : “Oh great. The ship sent another Sawyer.”.
  • Ben seems to travel a lot (or at least used to). He got all sort of suits and suitcases and an assortment of passport and cash in his secret closet.

The ending was excellent. I wasn’t too surprised Ben, who now pretends to be a vet, turned out to be Sayid’s boss. I am sure in the future we will see when Sayid thought with his heart rather than his gun, probably a very important moment in Lost. The very last moments of this episode were so very cool Sayid: “They know I am after them now”, Ben after a long pause “Good!”.

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