Lost 4×04 – Eggtown

A somewhat slower paced, not as exciting as the last 2, but very interesting episode. It was very Kate-centric, both on the island and in the flashforward. Some answers were given at least. We now know that Kate did have to appear in court and thanks to her mother not testifying, she struck a very favourable deal with the DA, who didn’t have much of a case anymore, loosing her key witness.

Jack in court

During the trial we get to hear the Oceanic Six official explanation of the events on the island. Only eight people initially survived the crash and Kate was the big hero, keeping people fed and applying first aid and all that. Kate seems to be very well off financially, wearing very expensive cloths and jewelry. And at the end of the episode it’s revealed that her baby is indeed Claire’s Aaron. Somehow I have the feeling he won’t turn out to be a normal baby, but he somehow has some special powers. I thought it was odd, that one of the first things she asked was “did you keep him away from the tv ?“. Jack doesn’t want to see the kid, is it just because he knows the story behind what happened to Claire and it’s too painful, or is there more going on ?

What else did we learn ? Frank’s helicopter didn’t arrive at the freighter, so where are they now ? I am sure we’ll see that soon enough. A comment by Locke was interesting, when talking to Miles (the Bruce Lee from the freighter). He is looking out for the well being of the island. That seems to be his mission now, which we already sort of knew, but it was nice to hear him say it.

Kate and Errin

Ofcourse it wouldn’t be a good Lost episode if we were also left with some questions:

  • What will happen to Claire and why did she leave her baby with Kate ?
  • What will happen with Jack in between the flash forwards we got this week and the one we got at the end of Season 3, where he was in very bad shape ?
  • There is something weird about the time on the island, though it seems the Oceanic Six returned a few years after the crash, if we look at the age of Aaron. What is it ? BTW all time travelling theories were thrown out of the water this week I think
  • The Miles and Ben conversation was weird, who is Ben, why is Miles after 3.2 million dollars ?
  • What was up with the card game with Charlotte and Dan ? He was making progress, but in what way ? Remembering two out of three cards ? A memory exercise or trying to read people’s minds ?
  • How long will the Love Triangle last ? It’s getting a bit long in the tooth…

I am sure there is more, but that’s it for now ;). Looking forward to next week’s episode already !

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