Lost 4×07 – Ji Yeon

This week we got an episode with a major twist. And I must admit it left me confused at first until I realised in the end, the writers very cleverly mixed a flashback with a flash-forward. The biggest giveaway in hindsight was the telephone that was an older model, and was emphasised by Jin smashing it to pieces. I already thought it was very odd that Jin was so obsessed by the Panda bear, while his wife was in the hospital.

Sun at the beach

So we did learn that Jin will die, or at least won’t make it off the island. How and when we don’t know. His day of death was the day of the crash, so the official story will be that he died in the crash. Furthermore we’re told by the captain (who we shouldn’t trust) that Ben might be behind the cover up at the bottom of the sea. And that’s why they want to speak with Ben, where did he get all those bodies ? Is Ben behind that ? Or is Widmore ? Or a third party we dont know about yet. Oh yeah, Micheal seems to be the man on the boat for Ben, what a surprise ;).

Bernard and Jin

The scene where Hurley came over to go to Jin’s grave was very touching, thought it was odd that only Hurley came to visit Sun after she gave birth. He did look very good though and was obviously in good shape at that time. Another great one was Jin and Bernard on the boat, discussing marriage.

Hurley visits Sun

All in all a nice episode, not too many reveals, besides Jin’s future fate. Now we’ll have to sit back and contemplate of what we have seen while waiting a while for the next episode.

Lost: The transmission review

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