Lost 5×14 – The Variable

We got an amazing Faraday centric episode this week ! The flow was a bit better than Sayid’s episode. Though a few less flashbacks/forwards would have been fine as well.

Everything fell into place in this episode. The scene from the season 5 opener, with Chang at the drill site. An emotional wreck Dan, watching the plane crash. Dan telling Charlotte to get on the sub etc.. So I thought that was it, tieing everything together and moving on with the story.

I tried to avoid telling you this. I didn’t think I could change things. But maybe I can.

But the whole point of this episode was Dan desperately trying to change the future. And in the end he found out that ‘Whatever happens happens’. Was this really Dan’s destiny, to be shot by his mother in 1977 ? You would think his mother had bigger plans for him, but she now even had to send him back to the island. ‘Don’t talk to me about sacrifices !’ Eloise tells Dan’s father Widmore.


Dan was my favorite Season 5 character, very endearing man. It’s a shame his job is done now, but I hope we’ll see him again in some future episode.

I fell off a plane and ended up in 1977, I am getting kinda used to Insane.

We also got to know what the infamous incident will be. It’s the energy that will be released when drilling at the Swan site. And that’s where the number pushing comes in ! I assume Chang will also send young Miles and his mother away on the sub. The incident might also send our lost-people back to 2007 ?

Some fun stuff this episode: Hurley referring to 1954 as Fonzy time and Sawyer calling Faraday HG wells. Also the look on Juliet’s face when Sawyer calls Kate Freckles was priceless :). And of course Dan’s 80s look wearing an ‘interesting’ wig !


BTW could this Radzinsky guy be more annoying ? We’ll learn soon enough :).

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