Lost – The Candidate

Now this is why we watch Lost ! A very intriguing episode that even provided us with some answers and it’s becoming clear a big clash is coming. Jacob is the protector of the island and he recruits people that he thinks has potential. He then assigns them a number (he likes numbers apparently) and brings them over to the island. All man in locke wants to do, is escape from the island and finally be free.


Man in locke emphasizes free will, that Jacob manipulated people into making choices that weren’t actually choices at all. Pushing them towards the island, because they are nominated, as a protector of the island.

This is all a bit ironic since Man in locke also seems to be a bit manipulative. I assume he rigged the ladder Sawyer was on, so he could gain his trust.

Come with me, and I’ll promise, I’ll tell you everything

– Man in Locke to Richard Alpert.

Drunk Sawyer listening to Iggy Pop was funny. Well I guess I better put some pants on ! was very amusing ! Since he didn’t have anything to loose and he’d like to get some answers to his questions Sawyer now seems to be on Mil’s side.

Lapinus got the best one liner this time though: “Weirdest damn funeral I’ve ever been to !”.


The blonde kid was interesting. There is already a lot of speculations who it is (Aaron ?). M.i.l. seems to be a afraid of him ? We’ll see how that pans out and what role the kid plays.

Not that much to say about Locke’s flashsideways. Locke’s life seems to be rather bland. His encounters with the other losties were interesting indeed. Especially Ben as a whiny teacher was a nice touch !


I hope the Lost writers can keep it up ! We need more episodes like this to conclude the series on a high ;).

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